Our Purpose

  • To become a national voice and advocacy group for men who independently contract with other consenting adults to sell their time and companionship;
  • To become a national voice for persons that advocate for the decriminalization of sex workers, whether individual escorts or entertainers performing on stage or in film;
  • To become a national group of rent boys and allies that vigorously support the defense of the Rent Boy defendants charged in the United States District Court in Brooklyn, New York;
  • To create a national membership base of ‘rent boys advancing their common interests as advertisers regionally and nationally;
  • To create an interactive website that will aggregate news, columns, and articles addressing the legal, social, political, health, and legislative concerns of rent boys and allies;
  • To generate a global coalition and membership list of allies, including lawyers and activists ready and willing to provide pro bono legal services as required and sponsor ‘know your rights forums as necessary;