Rentboy Art Auction and Memorabilia Sale to Support Rentboy’s Legal Battle On eBay:

NYC Pop-Up Shop @ Rentboy
Dec 20 (Sunday) Noon – 7:00PM
Dec 23 (Wednesday) Noon – 7:00PM

Rentboy Office
6 W. 14 Street
Suite 4W
New York City

As many of you are aware, on August 25, 2015 the offices of, an online classified service, was raided by the Department of Homeland Security (WTF?) and the CEO Jeffrey Hurant and six employees were arrested. The arrest outraged many in and outside of the gay community, as seen in this New York Times editorial. Hurant is facing an expensive and emotionally brutal legal case.

Jeff_Hurant_Dad Touchingly, Hurant’s father set up the Rentboy Legal Defense Fund, to support his son’s ongoing legal battle to clear his name. (Donations go directly to Hurant’s lawyer.) Read his emotional and clear-eyed statement (“My Son, Our Freedom”) and donate As his dad says, “I don’t want to see us lose this case nor Jeffrey rotting in prison. Please consider making a donation to help him.”

In an effort to raise additional funds, Hurant is selling a curated collection of numbered, limited editions, of collectible, framable artwork from Rentboy’s 19 years of sexy advertising. Items for sale on eBay include promotional posters, event posters, and a slew of adult-only items for 18+ eBay shoppers. New items are being added daily, from t-shirts, mugs, bags to jock straps.

Powertool Exclusively for auction on eBay – and only though December 24 – are a selection of Rentboy’s sexy light boxes (faux neon posters illuminated from behind) – for which Hurant has been offered considerable sums over the years – bids start at $400 each.

Prices for prints are set high in an effort to raise money for the cause, but Hurant is happy to accepting best offers of up to 33% off.

Fans in the NYC area wanting to snatch up a few items before Christmas are invited to shop in person at the Rentboy offices this Sunday (Dec 20) and next Wed (Dec 23) from noon – 7PM.

Pick up a hot piece (!) of Rentboy history, before this beloved company gets relegated to the history books.